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The Dessert Wagon

Baked Apples


   If you're looking for a simple dessert recipe that's on the healthier side you need to try these baked apples. It's like apple pie without the crust. And the classic rum raisin ice cream is optional of course.

Edible Apps, Salads & Sides

Smashed Potatoes


   I had some left over red and rather smallish Yukon gold potatoes, so I decided to do something a little different. Rather than just peel and boil, I made these smashed potatoes. They make a great side dish or if you bake then a little longer they will crisp […]

The Earl of Sandwich

Tortilla Pizza


   Building your own personal size pizzas has never been easier. Forget the $1.50 per topping that your local pizzeria charges, you're in control now. Great for family pizza night because everyone gets to choose their own toppings.

The Meat of the Matter

Oven Roasted Turkey Thighs


   Sometimes cooking up a whole turkey is just not practical, especially when you're only cooking for two people. These turkey thighs with my buttery baste bake up nice and crispy, tender and juicy and are real easy to prepare. Enjoy at Thanksgiving or Christmas or any time you're in […]