The Dessert Wagon

Strawberry Crisp

  It's strawberry season in Florida and what a great way to enjoy those freshly picked straw berries. Add a scoop of ice cream to your crisp while it's still warm and that's dessert with a capital "D".  


Baked Apples

  If you're looking for a simple dessert recipe that's on the healthier side you need to try these baked apples. It's like apple pie without the crust. And the classic rum raisin ice cream is optional of course.  


Christmas Blondies

  No offense to all the brownies out there, but these blondies definitely have more fun. Especially at Christmas time. You can cut these into 9 to 18 servings depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have this time of year.  


Peach Crisp

  Just in time for the start of the Georgia peach season, juicy peaches and a crispy topping unite for a tasty summertime treat. Top with some salted caramel ice cream and enjoy.