The Meat of the Matter

Texas Tequila Chili

  Just in time for those cold winter nights, this chili recipe is guaranteed to warm you up. The tequila gives it that little extra bite that separates it from the other guys.  


Oven Roasted Turkey Thighs

  Sometimes cooking up a whole turkey is just not practical, especially when you're only cooking for two people. These turkey thighs with my buttery baste bake up nice and crispy, tender and juicy and are real easy to prepare. Enjoy at Thanksgiving or Christmas or any time you're in […]


Beef Tenderloin Tips And Gravy

  The most economical way to serve filet mignon is to purchase the whole beef tenderloin and carve it yourself, but what do you do with the flat end pieces?  Here’s an easy recipe that tastes great and is quick to prepare.  Serve on a bed of egg noodles or […]


Greek Meatloaf

Meatloaf…it’s what’s for dinner! Regular old meatloaf takes on a whole new flavor experience with the addition of oregano and feta cheese.